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IFIP TC3 Strategy Document
 Version 1.3
January 2006

With contributions from:
Rosemaria Bottino (Former Vice-Chair WG 3.3)
Bernard Cornu (TC3 Secretary)
Gordon Davies (Former Chair WG 3.6)
Niki Davis (Former Chair WG 3.3)
Alex Fung (Former Chair WG 3.7)
Anne McDougal (TC3 Vice-Chair)
Raymond Morel (TC3 Special Consultant)
Sindre R°svik (Chair WG 3.5)
Mikko Ruhonen (Former Chair WG 3.4)
Brian Samways (Chair SIG 3.8)
Barrie Thompson (Chair WG 3.4)
Joe Turner (Former Chair WG 3.2)
Deryn Watson (Chair WG 3.1)
Tom van Weert (TC3 Vice-Chair, Editor)
Jan Wibe (TC3 Chair)

About this document
 A first draft of this document was prepared at an IFIP TC3 working seminar that was held at Bengtskär Island before the IFIP Open Conference on “E-training Practices for Professional Organisations”, July 7-11, 2003, Pori, Finland (http://www.pori.tut.fi/etrain). The venue has a very interesting history and also provided an attractive seaside atmosphere for the seminar. The working seminar was for the TC3 officers who have the responsibility to guide TC3 strategic and operational initiatives in the field of ICT and education. The objective of the working seminar was to provoke discussion and decisions on the role of TC3 in developing ICT and Education issues in the world. The seminar provided a forum for creating a scenario for next 5-6 years. The results of the working seminar were presented to the TC3 2003 Annual Meeting and adopted. After the 2005 TC3 meeting (Stellenbosch) version 1.3 has been produced with minor changes. However, the Strategy Document has been split into two parts: one part containing stable information and a second part that needs updating every year. The fist part is named: IFIP TC3 Strategy Plan; the second part is named IFIP TC3 Five Year Action Plan (2005 - 2009).

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