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 AGORA History

The AGORA Approach.

The intention with this document is to give a short description of the “history” of AGORA with future plans. Documents, reports etc. can be found at the TC3 website: http://www.ifip-tc3.net/ Agora in 2006: http://www.ifip-tc3.net/rubrique.php3?id_rubrique=51 Agora in 2007: http://www.ifip-tc3.net/rubrique.php3?id_rubrique=52

A description of AGORA and what has been accomplished so far, can be found in the next document "Agora Products" in the same section

First AGORA planning meeting: The AGORA Approach started with a TC3 executive meeting in Paris in April 2006. Present in the meeting was Bernard Cornu (TC3 secretary), Raymond Morel (TC3 special consultant) and Jan Wibe (TC3 chair). In this meeting we produced the first AGORA document: The AGORA IFIP Initiative for Lifelong Learning.
-  A framework from New IFIP Strategy - An AGORA core committee was established with the following persons: Bernard Cornu, Raymond Morel, Tom van Weert (TC3 vice-chair) and Jan Wibe.

GA 2006: Santiago, Chile, August 27 - 29. The TC3 report contains the following about AGORA: The AGORA Initiative. This is the TC3 contribution to the discussion about the new IFIP. The name of the document is called “The AGORA IFIP Initiative for Lifelong Learning” Raymond Morel presented a Powerpoint presentation of AGORA.

AGORA seminar: The first AGORA seminar (conference) was arranged in Poitiers, France, October 26 - 27, 2006. A report is available from the seminar. Participants: Klaus Brunnstein, IFIP President Bernard Cornu, Secretary of TC3 (organiser) Dong Yoon Kim, IFIP Vice-President Mike Kendall, Vice-chair SIG 3.8 Zdena Lustigova, Vice-Chair WG 3.6 Johannes Magenheim, WG 3.1 Raymond Morel, special consultant to TC3 (moderator) Vittorio Miduro, Programme Chair WCC 2008 Sindre R°svik, Chair WG 3.5 and Programme Chair WCCE 2009 Sigrid Schubert, Vice-chair elect WG 3.1 Marta Turcsanyi-Szabo, Vice-chair WG 3.5 Tom van Weert, Vice-chair of TC3 (moderator) Jan Wibe, Chair IFIP Technical Committee 3. It was decided to work out three project proposals: A: digital solidarity (crossing the digital divide) Chair: Sigrid Schubert, vice-chair WG 3.1 B: an IFIPWIKI as demonstration within IFIP Chair to be appointed. C: IFIP School on Lifelong Learning (in connection with WITFOR 2007 Chair: Mike Kendall, vice-chair SIG 3.8. These projects were later changed during the Seoul seminar.

IFIP Council 2007: London, UK, March 1 - 3. Jan Wibe presented the AGORA Aproach and activities so far. It was decided that AGORA from now on should be an IFIP project under the umbrella of the New IFIP. Raymond Morel presented a Powerpoint presentation of AGORA.

Agora Seminar: Seoul June 4 - 5, 2007. A report from this seminar is available. The products developed during this seminar is described in the file: AgoraProducts. It was decided that the next AGORA Conference will be held in Krakow, Poland, in spring 2008. Chair: Barbara Kedzierska, Pedagogical University of Krakow, Poland

AGORA Seminar: Addis Abeba, Ethiopia, August 19 - 21, 2007. Moderators: Mike Kendall and Tom van Weert. A briefing document for the seminar is available.

Two case studies were produced: National computer societies - the role of TC’s. By Jan Wibe and Tom van Weert.

School and Community Transformation Project using ICT. By Paul Nleya, Botswana.

GA 2007: Addis Abeba, Ethiopia, August 25 - 27. Raymond Morel presented AGORA and Jan Wibe presented the future organisation. Core Committee: Bernard Cornu, Raymond Morel, Tom van Weert and Jan Wibe. It should be supplemented by 2 or 3 representatives from the TC’s. Jan Wibe will write a short report about AGORA to make it better known in the TC’s and IFIP community.

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