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Project after the 1st AGORA conference

 Digital solidarity (crossing the digital divide)

AGORA meeting in Poitiers, October 26 - 27, 2006

Title of the project: Digital solidarity (crossing the digital divide)

Short description of the project:

Digital Solidarity is an Lifelong Learning issue. It is: helping to bridge the divide to new professionalism, both in developing and in developed countries. This is a transversal topic in which IFIP Technical Committees can work together with other stakeholders, such as UNESCO or the Digital Solidarity Fund. The arena is the professional world and higher (secondary) education; a special case is: Teacher Education. The project will aim at Studio implementations in the ‘zone of next development’: start small, grow bigger etc. (emerging, applying, integrating). An international Atelier will develop generic knowledge to be reused in implementations. One possibility for finding implementations is the IFIP school to select participants who will be able to “do something”, who can take part in one of the implementations on the first emerging level. Project initiators: Johannes Magenheim, Tom van Weert Involved: Sigrid Schubert, Marta Turcsanyi-Szabo Critical reader: Dong Yoon Kim

Status of the project: Documented by a project description - attached below Responsible: Tom J. van Weert Barbara Kedzierska Johannes Magenheim

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