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 IFIP AGORA Initiative on LifeLong Learning : Some Projects

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The “Croatian Studio”

Organizing e-learning for Croatian businesses - Case Study

Case holder: Marijan Frkovic, Croatian IT Society
Moderator:  Tom van Weert, IFIP Agora Initiative

  • Introductio
The case study of the organization of e-learning for Croatian businesses was analysed using the IFIP (www.ifip.com) Agora Initiative (www.ifip-tc3.net) SEOUL 2.0 model for Lifelong Learning, in particular the module dealing with lifelong learning organisations. The aim was to allow the Chamber of Economy (Chamber of Commerce) of Croatia to organize the e-learning in such a way that lessons can be learned and applied to other cases of e-learning that the Chamber may want to provide in future.

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