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 Contributions during the Seminar

* ...

* Lifelong Learning for professionals and organisations (Tom van Weert)

* Studio - Atelier Methodology (Tom van Weert)

* A FORESIGHT STUDY OF TECHNOLOGY-ENHANCED PROFESSIONAL LEARNING IN EUROPE-Challenges, Technologies, and Future Trends (lampros Stergioulas)

* The pursuit of Digital Literacy and e-Inclusion in Schools / The e-Start project - Curriculum Development and (-Teacher Education (Lampros Stergioulas)

* National computer societies - the role of TC’s in IFIP (Jan Wibe)

* Case study 1: National computer societies - the role of TC’s (Jan Wibe)

* The IFIP AGORA Initiative-on Lifelong Learning ( Bernard Cornu)

* Evolving Discourses and Practices of Lifelong Learning: Some issues and challenges (Carolyn Medel-Anonuevo)

* The IFIP AGORA Initiative on Lifelong Learning The “Cyber-Teacher” Studio (Bernard Cornu)

* AGORA and LLL in WCCE 2009 (Sindre Rosvik)

* The role of universities in lifelong learning process (polish context) - (Barbara Kędzierska)

* Partnership in Malopolska for The Lifelong Learning (Malgorzata Dudziak)

* The role of career guidance in Lifelong Learning Ewa Bodzinska-Guzik)

* eSchool New Technology, New Learning (Maciej M. Sysło )

* E-learning in Life-Long Learning. Academic Approach Jerzy M. Mischke

* E-learning at the University (Danuta Rozploch-Nowakowska) + Hybrid-Model - POSTGRADUATE STUDIES - Distance Learning (Kształcenie na odległosc, KNO)

* Citizen education in lifelong learning - Polish context - (Magdalena Przerszlo)

* How promote lifelong learning in educational organisations? (Tom van Weert)

* Contribution from Anna Kristjansdottir

* AGORA Initiative on Lifelong Learning and Digital Solidarity Preparing Future Professionals for Lifelong Learning in Higher Education and in Business Academies - Ateliers and Studios for the Future (Johannes Magenheim)

* Studio - Atelier Methodology (Tom van Weert)

* The teacher of the 21th century (Tom van Weert)

* ...

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