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 EVENTS in 2010

TC3 EVENTS 2010 (version 19th of December 2009)

* TC3 next Annual Meeting in Amiens, France, June 25-26. You are expected to arrive in Amiens on Thursday June 24 evening, so that we can start working at 9am on Friday 25. We will work till Saturday night. As we did in Bento Gonçalves, we will have on one day the administrative, organizational and technical matters; the other day will be devoted to a “TC3 Seminar”, in order to discuss strategy topics, the TC3 “vision”, and the action-plan for the next years.

* THE NINTH IFIP INTERNATIONAL WORKING CONFERENCE IFIP Working Group 3.7: Information Technology in Educational Management (ITEM) in collaboration with IFIP Working Group 3.4: Professional and Vocational Education in ICT
-  Kasane, Botswana 26 - 30 JULY, 2010
-  ITEM 2010 CONFERENCE THEME: Information Technology and Managing Quality Education WEBSITE: www.item2010.gov.bw

* IFIP Workshop "New developments in ICT and Informatics education",
-  June 28-30, 2010, Université de Picardie Jules Verne, Amiens, France,
-  organised by IFIP Working Groups 3.1 (Secondary Education), 3.3 (Research), 3.5 (Primary Education), 3.8 (Lifelong Learning), 3.9 (Digital Literacy) and AGORA team.
-  This event is linked with Jocair’2010 : Acteurs et Objets Communicants - Vers une éducation orientée objets ? Date de l’événement : du 29 juin 2010 au 1er juillet 2010 Lieu : Amiens http://www.jocair.u-picardie.fr/

* Conference KCKS (Key Competences in a Knowledge Society), the TC3 event at WCC 2010 in Brisbane, Australia (20-23 September 2010)
-  http://www.wcc2010.org/content/conferences/ifip/key-competencies-in-the-knowledge-society-kcks-2010
-  IPC chair Marta Turcsanyi-Szabo (turcsan turcsanyine@ludens.elte.hu

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