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 Aims and scope

est. 1963, revised 1992, 1995, 1998


To provide an international forum for educators to discuss research and practice in:
-  teaching informatics
-  educational uses of communication and information technologies (ICT)

To establish models for informatics curricula, training programs, and teaching methodologies.

To consider the relationship of informatics in other curriculum areas.

To promote the ongoing education of ICT professionals and those in the workforce whose employment involves the use of information and communication technologies.

To examine the impact of information and communication technologies on the whole educational environment:
-  teaching and learning
-  administration and management of the educational enterprise
-  local, national and regional policy-making and collaboration.


IT-Professional and Vocational Education in Information Technology Focus is on the area of professional and vocational education rather than on specific computing curricula in primary, secondary or tertiary educational institutions.

Distance Learning To consider what is necessary to prepare the whole society for living in the information age, using a distance learning system

Lifelong Learning All aspects of the interactive role of informatics and resulting technologies in lifelong learning.

Research on Education Applications of Information Technologies To provide a forum to identify issues and priorities for research and to map research policies arising from the differing cultures in IFIP Member countries.

Information and Communication Technologies in Elementary Education The role of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in elementary education (age range from pre-school to 13 years).

Informatics and ICT in Secondary Education The role of both informatics and resulting Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in secondary education (age range from 11 to 18 years).

Informatics and ICT at the level of Higher Education The role of both informatics and resulting Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in higher education.

Information Technology in Educational Management Focus is on use of Information technology within the educational management of educational institutions, educational authorities and educational system networks, to enhance educational effectiveness and development.

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